UNION BF-80 - MachineStation
Union BF80 Horiz Boring Mill
Union BF80 Horiz Boring Mill aUnion BF80 Horiz Boring Mill bUnion BF80 Horiz Boring Mill dUnion BF80 Horiz Boring Mill cUnion BF80 Horiz Boring Mill eUnion BF80 Horiz Boring Mill f


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UNION BF-80 Horizontal Boring Mill

Model: Topaz TB311100
Ser. No.: A0552KB
Made In: Germany

Main Motor:
No.: 6125176
Type: DMK 5/4 5A
Operating Voltage: 208V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Connected load: 5 Kw
Nominal current of machine: 20.4 amp

Main spindle speeds: 2.8 – 1000 RPM
Newall Digital Readout
3 Axis Display
2 Axes are being used (X Axis Table Cross Travel, Y Axis Vertical Travel)
Machine dials and feed rates are in metric
Main spindle taper: Morse 5

Table: 890 x 1118 mm
X Axis Table Cross Travel: 990 mm
Z Axis Table Longitudinal Travel: 1245 mm
Y Axis Vertical Travel: 890 mm

B Axis Built In Power Rotary Table: 360 Degrees
Z Axis Spindle Stroke Approximate: 546 mm
W Axis Power feed Face Plate Slide

Work Piece Max. Weight: 4,400lbs.
Main spindle diameter: 80 mm
Faceplate diameter: 508 mm

Approximate Dimension: Height: 102”, Length: 188”, Width: 90”

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